How it all started

Technology was an important part of my life, even before I can remember. You could legitimately say that this is true for each and every person born in an industrialized country within the last century. But I am talking about more than passively using what surrounds us.

I always wanted to actively engage with it, find out more about it, master it.
The first active encounter with technology is one that I do not remember but was told to me by my parents. (To me and to everyone they should or should not tell baby stories to about me. Well, parents.)
When I was a baby and had just started to crawl, apparently, my most favorite destination was their bed. They were flattered as they first thought I wanted to hang out there and cuddle with them. But it seems that instead of soft warm touch I was much rather looking to put my hands on the cool clean metal of the hi fi system that was behind the top of the bed.

Like I said, I do not have a memory of my first months. But the idea of rows of buttons and little controllers, maybe there were even little blinking lights or needles moving from one side to the other – yes, I can totally relate to that baby and its priorities. I am sure I made some great discoveries while playing around with researching the hi fi, unfortunately there is no memory of this either. But I am even more sure, that there are parts of that sediment on which my understanding of technology is built on today.